Kerry Katona’s naked pics

April 30th, 2010 by kerry

Sick and tired of being called a whale apart from all the negative criticisms the public was throwing her way about her weight and drug abuse, Kerry Katona finally agreed to go to rehab for a full 6 month stay. I have to admit, I didn’t care at all because the video of Kerry Katona snorting coke in the vicinity of her own house with her child around is enough reason for me to give her poor judgement. She has long been behaving wildly, nobody can forget the video of Kerry Katona masturbating naked in the bed.

But surprise! surprise! The Atomic kitten hotness once again found Kerry Katona. Not only did she bring back her fuckable sexy body, she outwhored herself by plunging balls deep in the porn industry. These are some cum-inducing shots of Kerry Katona tits and pussy and is it wrong to want to explode in my pants right now? Look at Kerry Katona playing with her clit while groping her juicy big tits. Can’t get enough of this dirty little sex kitten? Dude we got your back, the rest of the sluttier pics are right…about…HERE.

The infamous Kerry Katona sex tape

August 13th, 2008 by kerry

Kerry Katona was yet again put under the spotlight when a supposed sex tape had been leaked which shows her playing with herself inside the bedroom after taking a shower. It was believed that the revealing video was recorded by her husband but the former Atomic Kitten member strongly denied that she was the one in that video. But for those who have seen the video truly believes that the woman in the footage is without a doubt Kerry Katona. She was involved in another scandal back in 2001 when her nude pictures was posted on a British tabloid and was later found out that she had been secretly working as a topless model for a men’s magazine.

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Paparazzi pictures of a topless Kerry Katona

August 13th, 2008 by kerry

Gone are the days when Kerry Katona enjoyed the high life of being a pop superstar most especially when she was still part of the defunct girl group Atomic Kitten. Her abrupt departure from the group and marrying former Westlife member Brian McFadden was the start of her downhill struggle with her personal life and now Kerry is living a normal and quiet life away from the spotlight and the once spunky and sexy babe you have all adored is no longer there and she’s one full-fledged mom taking care of her kids. But even though she has long retired, the media along with the paparazzi still hounds her every move and it was during one of Kerry’s summer vacation that they spotted her lounging around the pool area topless and they wasted no time in taking pictures of Kerry and her huge pair of puppies.

No matter how different Kerry looks right now, she still looks hot and she’s one hot momma that can still work it. Here are some of those revealing topless pictures of Kerry down by the poolside and see the entire photo set once you click here and get them only here at Kerry Katona Sex Tape.

The controversial nude pictures of Kerry

August 13th, 2008 by kerry

Kerry Katona was considered one of the prettiest and sexiest among the other members of the defunct girl group Atomic Kitten, and for those who still remember her, you would notice how busty this babe is and no wonder a lot of guys love her. But no one was prepared for the biggest shocker that will come her way when somebody had leaked her most-kept secret in the form of these nude pictures where she confided with fellow Atomic Kitten member Natasha Hamilton and a friend that she was secretly working as a topless model and at the same time rumors began to spread that she too was working as a lap dancer stripping down to her G-string for UK10 pounds a time.

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