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Busty Kerry Katona dildoes her wet snatch

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Horny Kerry Katona pussy-playing on cam

When she was still a double D, Kerry Katona gets herself filmed while naked and playing with her massive juggs and toying with that wet pussy. And just like any other naughty homemade sex tapes, this too got leaked and exposed Katona’s kinky pastime.

Sexy ass Kerry Katona banged on the floor

Monday, April 18th, 2016

It is nice and cool to be a part of a huge family and this is true for most people because it’s just the happiest thing ever but this isn’t exactly the same with Kerr Katona’s situation. As a child, she has attended eight different schools and was brought up by four sets of foster parents. Imagine all the confusing rules, family get together mishaps, and whatnot, she must have been living a dream having all these to carry, good and bad. Well, let’s just say these all took a toll somehow that’s why she had to drop out of school at age 16 to be a lap dancer. Then her career was born. Who knows what else she’s been doing during all those teenage years before she joined the singing group Atomic Kitten. Then again, being a lap dancer at 16 would almost give you fine and clear details in your head as to what has become of this foster child’s life when she ain’t surrounded by her guardians. While you are wondering and running nasty images in your head, let me just show you this leaked video where she’s having fun away from all the disappointments from failed marriages and some part of her music career that aren’t going too well for her and the group.

Kerry Katona gets a load of spunk in her mouth

If you must know, Katona has her sexy tight ass as one of her assets and she uses it well. Probably from all the grinding during lap dancing, she’s made an empire of sexual toy on that behind. She gets to have some horny dude motorboat that piece of meat while licking her cunt from behind. Kerry enjoys rough sex on the floor after a hot and sensual foreplay. You may think she’s just gonna grab someone’s balls and stick their cock in one of her holes to get it over with, though she’s done this countless times, but in this clip she likes it a bit romantic – slow and steady. Teasing this jock with her sexy curves and that juicy ass. There’s no stopping this wild fuck session once she bends over and begs you to come over. Katona takes a dick from behind like a pro and makes you keep pumping until she gets what she really wanted, a mouthful of cum. Watch her fulfil your fantasies in this naughty amateur porn and hope that we discover more of these soon.

The infamous Kerry Katona sex tape

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Kerry Katona was yet again put under the spotlight when a supposed sex tape had been leaked which shows her playing with herself inside the bedroom after taking a shower. It was believed that the revealing video was recorded by her husband but the former Atomic Kitten member strongly denied that she was the one in that video. But for those who have seen the video truly believes that the woman in the footage is without a doubt Kerry Katona. She was involved in another scandal back in 2001 when her nude pictures was posted on a British tabloid and was later found out that she had been secretly working as a topless model for a men’s magazine.

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